Welcome to the Skies!

AirHop Bristol offers you a wide range of awesome activities! Feel free to explore our massive indoor arena filled wall to wall with trampolines and much more. Read more 

Come and have a closer look around the park from the comfort of your own home with our AirHop Bristol online tour!

Please book before visiting AirHop

AirFit is a super fun alternative to your regular old gym class providing you with a proper high energy workout on and off the trampolines.

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Enjoy AirHop to the fullest by bringing a friend! 2 – 4 – 1 Tuesday will allow you full access of the park for 1 hour for 2 participants!

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At AirHop we know that birthdays are all about fun and excitement so you’ve come to the right place.

From the moment you step through the door, your group will have a dedicated host to take good care of you from the entrance to the skies.

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Family-fuelled ultimate bouncing fun for ages 2-12!

We know how difficult it can be to entertain not one but two (or three, or four, or more!) kids at the same time. Our Family Takeover allows little people between the ages of 2 and 12 so you can bring the whole gang in for a bounce!

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Main Court

This is the main area of the park and consists of 135 interconnected trampolines that are not only along the floor but also go wall to wall! Whether you are a first time jumper or a free running expert we have something for everyone!
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Basketball Slam Dunk

Always fancied yourself to be a slam dunk expert but never quite had the height or spring to fulfil your dreams? Then this is for you. Assisted by a trampoline your dunking possibilities can be made a reality!
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Foam Pit

The foam pit is where you can practice your aerial tricks or simply enjoy the freedom of flying through the air and landing in a soft cushion of foam cubes. The large 5,000+ foam cube pit is suspended by a trampoline to offer maximum safety when landing.
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Two teams line up against each other on a field of trampolines with angled trampoline walls to face off with foam balls. The rules are simple: if you hit an opponent with a ball they are out. There can only be one winner!
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AirHop Cafe

Our Café is the place to take a breather, watch all the action or just to relax and catch up with family and friends in a quiet café environment.
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Groups & Parties



With AirHop you get to experience wingless flight at its best! Why not host your next fundraising or charity event with us. Feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas.


AirHop is perfect for groups, a place where you can come to play amongst the clouds however suits you. We have 2 group booking options (both are unavailable during peak periods).


Kids are full of energy and AirHop provides the ideal place for them to burn it off! In a single session we can host up to 250 children. Our high energy fun comes in all shapes and sizes so we can cater a visit to meet your needs. AirHop offers anything...


Wohoooooo! Party time! At AirHop we know that birthdays are all about fun and excitement so you’ve come to the right place. From the moment you step through the door, your group will have a dedicated host to guide you from the entrance to the skies.


AirHop is the epitome of fun and freedom and a fantastic venue to host your corporate events. Your professional development needs can now be fulfilled with us in an arena where bird impressions are welcome and the suited agenda can be left at the door.

What our guests say about us:

It is such an amazing place and I had the best time ever, I think we could not laugh enough. It is pure brilliance.
Barry, Surrey
Thank you so much to all of the staff and our party host that made our party today such a success. I recommend AirHop Parties, staff are polite, friendly and helpful, and the parties are a lot of fun!
Clare, Leeds
Flying through the air with a smile on your face, what a great experience! The kids love it!
Mary, West Sussex