It’s Party time!

At AirHop we know that birthdays are all about fun and excitement so you’ve come to the right place.

From the moment you step through the door, your group will have a dedicated host to guide you from the entrance to the skies.

Once we have got you ready and made sure you’re clear for take-off, you get the freedom to explore the clouds with full access to everything AirHop has to offer. As part of your aerial adventure, your group will also have the opportunity to experience a private Dodgeball game! Who will be the Ace!?

Cloud hopping can really work up an appetite! When it’s time to land, your host will escort you to one of our party rooms where you can recharge and reminisce about the epic journey you have just had, over some well-earned pizza!

Please note, you must give us at least 7 days’ notice when booking a birthday party. If you’re wanting to book sooner than that, please call us on 0330 2233 333.

Classic Party Package

10 guests:
Mon – Fri: £140
Additional guests: £14
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £160
Additional guests: £16

20 guests:
Mon – Fri: £260
Additional guests: £13
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £300
Additional guests: £15

30 guests:
Mon – Fri: £360
Additional guests: £12
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £420
Additional guests: £14

Please call us on 0330 2233 333 if you’re booking more than 30 guests.

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Extreme UV Party Package

10 – 20 guests:
Mon – Fri: £16pp
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £18pp

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Spotlight Party Package

10 guests:
Mon – Fri: £180
Additional guests: £18
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £200
Additional guests: £20

20 guests:
Mon – Fri: £340
Additional guests: £17
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £380
Additional guests: £19

30 guests:
Mon – Fri: £480
Additional guests: £16
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £540
Additional guests: £18

Please call us on 0330 2233 333 if you’re booking more than 35 guests.

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10 – 15 guests:
Mon – Fri: £11pp
Sat, Sun and Holidays: £13pp

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Party Add-Ons

Polar Krush (Large) – 10 for £15.00

Slushee Bottles – 10 for £25.00

Pick n’ Mix – 10 for £20

Chicken and Wedges combo – £6.50 each

Potato Wedges – £4.00 each

Margherita Pizza – £12.00 each
Pepperoni Pizza – £13.50 each

Premium Party Bag – £7.00 each

Premium party bag includes an AirHop Bottle, AirHop Stress Ball, AirHop, AirHop Snap Wristband, all within an AirHop Drawstring bag

Standard Party Bag – £4.00 each

Standard party bag includes an AirHop Pen, AirHop Notepad, AirHop Stickers & an AirHop Wristband

Fancy longer on the trampolines?

Additional Jump time – £5.00 per hour, per person

If you wish to cancel the party or add/remove guests/pizzas, you have up to 7 days before the party to do so. Adding guests can only be done if we have the availability. The sooner you call to amend the party the better as our spots during the weekend sell out very quickly. To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend that you book for the maximum number you think you will need and then remove them accordingly.

dominos*Choice of cheese & tomato or pepperoni. Each pizza is the standard large size of 13 ½ inches with 10 pre-cut slices.

Please note, you will only be able to jump at AirHop if you have completed our waiver. If you are under the age of 18 the waiver will need to be completed by a parent or guardian.