Put a big smile on a little face.

Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 12:00

Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 10:00

We know little ones love to bounce too! MiniHopper sessions are just for the under-5s, so they can have fun and enjoy the benefits of jumping in a fun and safe environment.

MiniHoppers Takeover now have access to variety of activities within the park with special sensory toys and games, as well as friendly staff to ensure younger children have a great time.

  • Dodgeball Court 1 – an area for the younger children (walking unaided to 2 years of age) that will include a variety of sensory toys & soft play equipment
  • Slam Dunk – two fixed basketball nets, two free standing basketball nets  & a football goal
  • Dodgeball Court 2 – an area for the older children with less sensory toys but more soft play toys
  • Main Court – a portion of the main trampoline court where the little ones can jump about & let off some steam.
  • Foam Pit – two lanes for younger children & parents to play around on & another two lanes for older children to jump into the foam

Please note – our activities are available to all little ones regardless of ability.

Please note there will be an additional one-off charge of £1.50 per person for our famous non-slip AirHop socks. After this, they’re all yours to keep for future AirHop visits – or to impress your friends with.

If you are looking for MiniHopper Birthday Parties click here.

Helpful Information:

  • All participants must have a waiver completed before check in. These can be done online by clicking here.
  • All participants must arrive 30 minutes prior to their jump session to allow time for check in & the pre-jump safety briefing
  • To keep the session safe and enjoyable for all our guests we require at least 1 Adult to be actively supervising for every 2 Toddlers participating in the session, this is alongside the Court Monitors that will be stationed around the park
  • If you are pregnant or have any other health issues that may affect your ability to bounce or care for your toddler you will not be allowed to bounce
  • AirHop staff are employed to oversee and help create a safe and fun environment for all guests, responsibility for each child will fall under whoever has signed the waiver and is watching the toddler.
  • Please note that MiniHoppper classes may be restricted during school holiday times.