PAS Accreditation

AirHop Bristol & Guildford are proud to be among the first in the industry to receive a new accreditation, the PAS 5000, meaning trampolining for fun and exercise has never been safer!


What is the PAS 5000? And what are the benefits?

The Trampoline Industry has remained largely unregulated. Until now …

International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) members have been working with the British Standards Institution (BSI) steering group involving the Royal Society of Protection of Accidents, British Gymnastics, Environmental Health Officers and Health and Safety Executive, Constructers and Operators.


A set of Publicly Available Standards (PAS 5000) for the trampoline park industry has been created to help trampoline park operators, designers, manufacturers and installers minimise the risks to park users and ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Darren Hedges, AirHop Director says: “The PAS 5000 accreditation gives customers the peace of mind to know that AirHop has been independently inspected and shown to be fully compliant with the industry standard set in the UK. AirHop is a full member of the IATP and sits on the board in both the US and UK. We have and will continually strive for optimal safety within trampoline parks.”