School events

Kids are full of energy and AirHop provides the ideal place for them to burn it off!

In a single session we can host up to 250 children. Our high energy fun comes in all shapes and sizes so we can cater a visit to meet your needs. AirHop offers anything from free range bouncing, to guided learning designed to increase co-ordination and balance. The possibilities are endless!

Our experienced and friendly staff are fully trained and will always be on hand to engage, enthuse and supervise your group to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time. To add to your piece of mind, AirHop will never be without a member of staff on site who isn’t first aid qualified.

To find out more about how we can cater a school package for you, call us on 03302233333 or email: [email protected]

Flight school begins soon, don’t forget to enrol your cadets!